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UnETHical Cupids are a collection of 1,000 (genesis) unique, hand-drawn NFTs that power the Original Independent Animated Adult Comedy Series, Roads To Rome.

UnETHical Cupids are NOT simply another PFP project. They are co-creation access tokens that will allow community members to determine the fate of the Roads To Rome animated series by pitching and writing characters & premises, voicing characters, voting on which episodes come next, receiving producer & writer credits, being drawn into the series, & much much more.

When you buy an UnETHical Cupid you’re not only purchasing an immortal and divine piece of art living on the Ethereum blockchain, you’re gaining membership access to directly contribute to and shape the Roads To Rome series!

Mint is currently paused. 

Join our Discord & Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates!

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Road Map


Finish Season 1

Production begins on the five remaining episodes of Season One (8 episodes total).

Production Nitro Boost

Invest in higher quality production equipment for better production value.

All Hands on Deck

Hire additional Animator and Background & Storyboard Artist(s) for more detailed backgrounds and faster episode turnaround time.

Merchy Merch Time!

Member-Only Merch Store Goes Live!

UnETHical Cupids Do Something Ethical

2% of project total donated to The Born To Run Foundation. [5% of all future secondary sales will be donated to the foundation]


Community Governance & Voting

Community votes on future project build outs: gamification, meta build-outs, spin-off series, internal ecosystem etc.

Season 2 Goes into Production

Season 2 community co-creation benefits activated


UnETHical Cupids Web3 Animation Incubator Launches

The ultimate goal is to create a Web3 animation incubator w/ community governance & revenue sharing! The incubator will support independent artists and bring their animated shows to Web3 market under the UnETHical Cupids brand, with our community vetting & voting on which projects get funded.

Cupid Wings


Roads to Rome: Pilot

Two ragtag monster trappers, Cornelius and Professor Centaur, collide with bloodthirsty creatures, ferocious barbarians, and scheming nobles when they are tasked with procuring the world’s most dangerous mythical beasts to fight in Rome’s gladiator games.

Episode 2

EP 2: Fur the Emperor

Episode 3

Episode 3: Grain Shortage IPA

Roads to Rome:
Upcoming Episodes

Blue Cupid


Learn about our Community Co-Creation Benefits

Episode 5 of every season will be created by the UnETHical Cupids Community through premise pitching and voting via the member-only verified Discord channel.

The Breakdown:

  • This is your episode! You’ll pitch the community your premise via the Verified Discord Channel. The community will vote on the winner.
  • The winner of the premise pitch will receive a 1 ETH prize & 2 Unethical Cupids air-dropped to their wallet.
  • The winner will be invited to join the writer’s room to flush out the concept, storyline, and to create the major beats. And they’ll receive a Writer and Producer credit!
  • The 4 runner-ups will each receive a 0.2 ETH prize and an UnETHical Cupid airdropped to their wallet.

Have idea for a new character? Let’s hear it! Once per season we’ll have an open character pitch for a new character(s) to be included in the series.

The Breakdown:

  • You’ll pitch us your character via the Verified Discord Channel.
  • The writing and production team will select the top 5 characters and put them to a community vote.
  • The winning character pitch will receive 1 ETH and an UnETHical Cupid airdropped to their wallet.
  • The 4 runner-ups will each receive an UnETHical Cupid airdropped to their wallet.

If you’ve ever wanted to voice a cartoon character, this is for you! UnETHical Cupid holders have the opportunity to be a part of EVERY episode! Each episode will have a VA competition for at least two side characters’ dialogue. 

The Breakdown:

  • Creators will post the description of the character, scene, and dialogue available for community voicing on our Discord and Twitter.
  • You’ll read for it and send us the audio files.
  • The community member with the best audio will be included in-episode, receive a VA credit, and receive an UnETHical Cupid air dropped to their wallet.

We’re an episodic comedy series so we have the flexibility to create any episode in any order! YOU get to vote on episode premises and determine which ones you want our writing and production team to produce next!

The Breakdown:

  • Creators will post 3 premise concepts with their corresponding A/B storylines and the community will get to decide which episode they want to see!

Up to 4 Community members per episode (depending on what the script calls for) will be chosen at random to be turned into a cartoon character and included in-episode. If you accept the offering the creators will reach out to you to discuss further details.​

If one of the characters we’re transforming you into dies in the script, we’ll consult with you, and we’ll do our best to kill that character off in a way of your choosing: ​

  • Blender to the head? Fine. Falling into a volcano? Doable, but lame. Being sucked through an underworld wormhole and devoured by Cerberus? Now we’re getting there.
  • We’ll do our best to make your morbid dreams come true (within reason and so long as it somewhat aligns with the scene).
Help us plan Season 2!
We will absorb the vast knowledge of the community and integrate the feedback into Season 2, then release the Season 2 episode list and Roadmap with new co-creation, giveaways, and contests.


Starting at Launch,

Cupid is opening his private hand-curated art gallery to his new favorite people in the ancient world, UnETHical Cupid NFT Holders.

EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Cupid will bestow a rare piece from his collection unto a fortuitous community member.

Gallery Item Prizes Include:

Our Odyssey


We’ve worked tirelessly over the course of the past 4+ years to create a funny, high-quality, independent, animated series. Our Pilot and a 15-minute Episode 2 are live now, and Episode 3 is in production with an anticipated release of early May. 

Team Photo

Creating an independent animated series is a serious mountain to climb. In fact, if anyone had told us back in 2017 what we were getting ourselves into and how exhaustive and expensive production was, we likely would’ve bowed out. But we thank Jupiter and the Gods every day that nobody warned us because this show has become our passion and our purpose, and we love putting in the work and seeing it evolve.

And we’re just getting started.

But if you’re already producing the series, why UnEThical Cupids NFT?

Great question. 

We’re launching UnETHical Cupids because we believe very strongly in the ability of Web3, the NFT space, and the community co-creation model to completely revolutionize media and production, and the mediums through which fans receive their content. We believe that fans should not only have the ability to consume the shows that they enjoy, but to become integral parts of them.
And, most importantly, we absolutely believe that the potential funding of the production costs of this series will allow us and our community to launch this series to new heights which we could’ve only dreamed about in 2017.

The vast majority ETH generated from the project (aside from the Cupid’s Collection Community Wallet) will be used to take this series to the next level and produce higher quality episodes with significantly quicker turn-around time. 

At sell-out we will:

  • Increase compensation for our Director of Animation (he deserves much more than he currently charges)
  • Hire an additional full-time animator 
  • Hire a full-time background  & storyboard artist(s)
  • Bring our sound design team on full-time
  • Hire a marketing team to promote the Roads To Rome series & UnETHical Cupids project
  • Invest in the UnETHical Cupids community and ecosystem and web3 innovations

So that’s the plan! 

We’d love nothing more than for you to join the UnETHical Cupids community, leave your creative imprint on each Roads To Rome episode, and help us create a hilarious, long-running, community-driven show. And with that, we hope you’ll join us on this odyssey, wherever it may lead.

May Apollo forever smile upon you. 

Ryco Newton-Block & Joe Powell

Creators, Roads to Rome & UnEThical Cupids


Questions? We got you covered.

Unethical Cupids

UnETHical Cupids are a collection of unique, hand-drawn NFTs that power the Original Independent Animated Adult Comedy Series, Roads To Rome. UnETHical Cupids are powerful albeit unscrupulous deities. When you buy an UnETHical Cupid you’re not only buying an immortal and divine piece of art living on the Ethereum blockchain, you’re gaining membership access to directly contribute to, influence, and shape The Roads To Rome series. Minting March 22nd @ 7PM EST 2022! Join our Discord & Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates!

An UnETHical Cupid NFT gives you exclusive membership access to the community Discord, prizes, giveaways, ETH awards, and most importantly, Co-Creation abilities to personally influence the Roads To Rome series in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pitching premises and voting on community generated episodes.
  • Pitching and voting on new characters to be introduced to the show.
  • NFT Community
  • Voice Acting
  • Opportunities in every episode.
  • Community Members will be turned into cartoon characters and appear in-episode.
  • Help us plan Season 2 — We will absorb the vast knowledge of the community and integrate the feedback into Season 2, then release the Season 2 episode list and Roadmap with new co-creation, giveaways, and contests.

UnETHical Cupids NFTs will act as lifetime passes that unlock membership perks for all future content released by Roads To Rome and all future shows produced by Dead Jesters Productions LLC.

Cupes come February 2022! Join us at discord.gg/roadstorome and Twitter @unethicalcupid to stay up to date on the launch. 

  • We’re launching UnETHical Cupids NFT with a limited run drop of 1,000 UnETHical Cupids. This original collection of “Cupes” will be our genesis collection and genesis holders will ALWAYS be rewarded with additional perks and utility for the life of the project.
  • The collection will eventually span the standard 10,000 tokens through a series of future drops, but all future drops will be entirely dependent on our team’s ability to deliver to our community and to hit promised production and activation milestones in our roadmap.
  • It’s an innovative, transparent, accountability-based mint structure which allows us to launch soon, and forces us to deliver 100% on the commitments we’ve made to our community. With so many hype projects and rugs out there, it’s a structure we feel the NFT space as a whole could benefit from.
  • In addition to holding ourselves accountable, keeping our community small via our initial limited drop will allow the earliest supporters of the project more direct participation, co-creation, and say in determining the future of the animated series!
  • As the Empire expands through the series of future drops our team will relentlessly pursue and implement strategies that increase the utility & value of all Cupids. The community will have significant say in how this is manifested — it could be a p2e game, meta build-outs, internal ecosystem etc. Our focus will always be on delivering exceptional co-creation production while increasing the value of both the series and the NFT project.

= .05 ETH

Our goal is to issue an affordable token that allows everyone to purchase and influence the series’ future. 

UnEthical Cupids will be available for mint on UnethicalCupids.com

You seem cool, lets make a deal. It’s your token, you do what you want with it!

You can use YOUR specific Cupid in any way that you’d like. However, the show IP including logo, characters, backgrounds, venues, VA audio, animation, and music CANNOT be reproduced for commercial purposes.

Please see Terms & Conditions for more details.

Glad you asked! We are very sensitive to wanting to provide long term value to every Cupid holder. It is our goal to create a long lasting and reputable brand and community that each holder will be proud to be a part of.

We understand that this is dependent on continued innovation, creation, and execution. The ultimate goal for the UnETHical cupid project is to kickstart a web3 comedy incubator by and for the people.  Everything the team does will be aimed toward building out a Web3 media machine with the community behind the wheel and potential revenue sharing models in mind!

Yes. Your UnEthical Cupid NFT can be resold on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.io

Upon resale UnETHical Cupids creators will receive 5% royalty – 5% of which will be donated to The Born To Run Foundation, for the life of the project, at the end of each fiscal year.

The remaining royalties will be used to invest in acquiring additional animators & illustrators and/or upgrading production equipment to improve the series.

In the words of Roads To Rome & UnETHical Cupids Co-Founder Joe Powell: 

Noelle Lambert is a para-athlete, member of the US Paralympic Team, and founder of The Born to Run Foundation. She also happens to be one of my closest family friends.

I’ve known the Lamberts my entire life. I grew up with her older brother and on my wedding day he stood by my side as a groomsman. Noelle was always the cool little sister who would hang out with the boys. She was, and is, incredibly athletic, mentally strong, and truly hilarious.

When she suffered her moped accident in 2016 many of us were devastated for her because we knew how important playing sports were to her. We thought the accident might mean the end of her competing, but it turns out, it was only the beginning.

Noelle refused to let the accident define who she was or the person she would become. She was gifted with a specialized prosthetic and went on to become the first above-knee amputee to play Division-1 college lacrosse, and she founded The Born to Run Foundation which provides specialized prosthetics to young amputees (insurance doesn’t cover the costs of running prosthetics and they can be extremely expensive).

Watching Noelle strive and achieve greatness on and off the field of competition has been joyful and inspiring. I’ve watched for years as she and The Born to Run Foundation have completely revolutionized the lives of young amputees by donating them specialized prosthetics. And now I’m in a position to help her and her foundation continue their mission and continue to make positive changes in the lives of young amputees.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the Born To Run Foundation to help allow young adults and children to once again run, play sports, and lead fun, fulfilling, and active lives.

Thanks for your time!

Click here to learn more.

Joe Powell

Creator, UnETHical Cupids
Creator, Roads To Rome

Roads to Rome

Roads To Rome is an independent original animated adult comedy series. The Pilot and a 15-minute Episode 2 are live now, and Episode 3 is in production with an anticipated release of early May. 

Series Synopsis:
Two ragtag monster trappers, Cornelius and Professor Centaur, collide with bloodthirsty creatures, ferocious barbarians, and scheming nobles when they are tasked with procuring the world’s most dangerous mythical beasts to fight in Rome’s gladiator games.

Surviving their perilous trapping missions is only half the battle. Enduring the chaos of everyday life in Rome is the other. From grain shortages and lethal plagues, to cyclopes’ uprisings and foreign invaders, the ancient city is always a hotbed of madness.

Luckily for the duo, they don’t have to navigate the bedlam alone. They’re supported by their friend Cupid, a mischievous misfit who often creates as many problems as he solves, and by their boss, Emperor Helena, the most powerful mortal in the Republic, who relies on Cornelius and Professor Centaur to fuel her monster trapping business.

Between the deadly monsters they battle on their adventures, and the constant threat of being swallowed whole by the pandemonium of Rome, what could go wrong?

For further series information please visit The Roads To Rome Homepage

Roads to Rome is an episodic series.
Every episode (except the pilot) will have a 15-minute run time.
Each season will be 8 episodes including 1 community generated episode per season.

As many as humanly possible. We’re in this for the long haul. 

We’re fully committed to this community, this project and this show. Our goal is to create a long-running original and hilarious animated series while providing the community with as many opportunities to contribute and influence the show as possible, along with value-added prizes, awards, games, and more.

We’re not here to grab a bag, flick you off, then watch the floor price drop. We’ve assembled a supremely talented team of writers, animators, illustrators, voice actors, producers, developers, and community managers, and we’re laser-focused on delivering on our roadmap, creating the highest quality animated series possible, and building a fun, interactive, and constantly evolving NFT community.

UnETHical Cupids

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